Counseling Solutions at Woodridge is a psychotherapy practice that helps people throughout the lifespan. Our mission is based on the philosophy that children, families, couples and adults enjoy and desire contentment in their lives. Counseling can help people develop healthy relationships, communicate effectively, manage emotions, get their needs met and feel empowered to tackle life's many challenges AND rejoice in life's gifts.

The human spirit is incredibly strong and everyone has the capability to make their life better and overcome their struggles through compassion and understanding toward themselves and others.


Counseling Solutions, LLC believe that by working in a therapeutic partnership, clients can improve their lives. They are better able to identify and understand the issues which brought them to treatment, enhance their coping skills, and resolve the sometimes complex problems of living that most people face at some times in their lives.

We serve all persons regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or sexual identity. The office is designed for ease of access for the disabled and is at a location served by public transportation.

The credentials we bring to our work include post-graduate education, state licensure and professional certifications, years of experience and ongoing advance clinical training.

Office is located at 2950 SW Woodside Drive, Topeka, KS 66614-5236 (Click here for directions)